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Am I Sales Leader Material?

Do you dream of working from home? Do you want to manage a team, enjoy uncapped earning potential, career progression and to sell a product that everyone loves? Then you could well be an ideal candidate to become an Avon Sales Leader.

Avon has been in business for 125 years and more than 6.5 million people around the world are now selling more than 3,000 Avon products to their local community. That means Avon is a name that everyone knows and trusts, which makes your job that much easier. That's why Avon is for you.

You can benefit from flexible working hours, the ability to sell online and the unique support network and training at leading Avon team, UK Representatives, means you will never be on your own. You can build your own network of local representatives, manage your own team and dictate how you run your side of your Avon business

Your earnings will increase as the size of your team grows and you can read all about Avon success stories on the here. It’s a real opportunity to start with your local community and build into an area management role that can net you a massive income, with no experience required. If you show the right attitude, work ethic and skills, a career with Avon will reward you well in terms of income and career progression.

Of course Avon has the very best marketing experts working on brochures, adverts and sales material centrally, so you don’t need to worry about any of those set-up costs, and if you need help setting up a website, UK Representatives can help you with that. You can start straightaway: you can even sign up via Skype or FaceTime, if that's easier, and become an Avon Sales Leader right now.

If you have previous business experience, then fantastic! - this is a new journey for you. If not, you can still become a sales leader in charge of your own team of Avon representatives and you can benefit from the our experience, in-house training materials and more to make sure you're a success. It’s in everybody’s interests to make sure you do a good job, so you always have our full support.

Get in touch with me today to talk about how you can take the next step on the journey to the rest of your life.

Become a Representative

Become a representative - As a sales rep you earn money both on sales you personally generate and a smaller commission on sales from anyone that you recruit into the business.

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