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Benefits of working for Avon

There are so many benefits to working for Avon as a Sales rep or Sales leader. So many that a lot of people don't even know about - well here are the top benefits to working for Avon.


Working for Avon UK means you'll receive discounts on everything you buy - all accompanied with a very low shipping fee, too. If you work for Avon UK and put the time and effort into being an Avon UK success, you will be able to keep yourself in Avon cosmetics for free. How great is that? Avon UK make all of the essentials completely affordable to Avon reps which come in really handy if you want to run a promotion or it's a friend's or family member's birthday coming up.

Not only does Avon UK offer their goods at heavily discounted rates to Avon Reps but, you get what's called award sales that count towards you reaching a wholly incredible selling level called the Avon President's Club which entitles you to rewards and 40% off any order.

Also, keep on top of your online Avon UK hub where you can find details on daily Avon deals on cut-priced Avon products that you can use towards your earnings, as well as regular sales events that are exclusive to Avon Reps.


One of the most brilliant things about working for Avon UK and something you're unlikely to receive in a 'normal job' is the fabulous incentive schemes. If you work hard at your Avon business you could end up being rewarded some great incentives and you're always in with a chance of winning something.

Not only will you be earning a great income but you could be in with the chance of receiving a brand new car, holiday, shopping vouchers - the list is endless.

Read some of the fantastic success stories here.


Working for Avon rarely feels like a job. It's more of a social activity for me, to be honest. Often you find yourself making new friends and meeting up with all of the brilliant Avon teams from around the world. I had little self esteem when I first started selling Avon and now I have many lifelong friends that I have met through Avon and have also seen my confidence soar.


Didn't go to college or university? That's fine because with Avon, experience isn't necessary as you'll be given full 'on the job' training in management and sales.

From the moment you decide to join Avon, I'll be with you every step of the way, guiding you through your Avon journey. You'll receive training in management of both people and time, how to sell and so on.

Working for Avon comes with many benefits but the new skills you pick up along the way really make it worthwhile.


No other 'work from home' opportunity offers you the choice of working exclusively online. Thanks to Avon's new online ordering system, coupled with email and social media, you can finally run your Avon business exclusively online. You will be able to set up your own online Avon store and take orders directly from your site. It's a brilliant way of still earning with Avon without leaving your home.

Read more about the amazing UK Representatives team here.


I understand how hard it is juggling a career with kids and other commitments. Thanks to the way that Avon works, there're no set hours at all. You can run your Avon business at a time that suits you best. It doesn't matter to Avon when you place your orders, day or night.

You really can have it all, find out how here.


Working for Avon gives you the opportunity to start a self-employed career with no financial backing and absolutely no risk. You won't be asked for hundreds of pounds up front and although not a great deal of people do, you can choose to leave Avon whenever you feel like it. All Avon asks for is a small 'joining fee' of £16. And, this is only payable once you've placed your first two Avon orders.

Work from home and be your own boss, find out more here.

You really have absolutely nothing to lose. Get in touch with me on the number above and give Avon a go TODAY.

Become a Representative

Become a representative - As a sales rep you earn money both on sales you personally generate and a smaller commission on sales from anyone that you recruit into the business.

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