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How To Run My Avon Business


OK, so you've made the step and you have decided to join Avon, now you want to know How to Run My Avon Business.

Here is a guide on the most essential elements to starting and running your Avon business. As always, if you have any questions, you can get in touch with me on any of the channels above, via my Facebook or Twitter pages or head to my FAQs page here.

Sign-up to Avon

Once you have signed up to Avon, your first priority should be to start selling. I know, obvious, right? But, there's lots of different ways you can do this. 

Firstly, if you'd like to work via the traditional Avon method, get delivering some books. Of course, you can choose to work this way or combine it with online selling or exclusively online, if you wish. Either way, I'll run through the traditional method first and talk about the alternatives later on.

Brochures won't be helping your Avon income sat in your porch, hah, so it's a good idea to get delivering those brochures as soon as you can. You Avon Sales Leader will have given you a deadline for when you need to submit your first order. If you manage to earn the Minimum Order Value (MOV) of £87 you'll receive a 20% discount when you purchase your orders. Reach the Higher Order Value (HOV) of £160 and you'll receive a 25% discount when you submit your order. the discount you receive is your Avon income. For example, you place an order for £100. You've taken £100 from your customers, you order and pay for the products but only pay £80. The £20 is your commission. Or, if your order is £180, you will recieve a 25% discount, or £45 commission.

Remember, over your first two Avon campaigns, you'll have to pay your Avon administration fee of £16. £10 on your first campaign and £6 on your second.

You can find out all the amazing ways to start taking orders and where to find customers on my Find Avon Customers page here.

What should I do if I deliver a brochure and they don't leave it out for me to collect?

Give them a knock and ask them if they've finished with your Avon brochure. This is a great opportunity to open dialogue and find out more about them. If they haven't made an order this time, ask them if they'd be interested in having a brochure in the future. Make a note in your book as this could save you a lot of time in the future. 

If they haven't had a chance to look through your Avon brochure, ask them if you could pop back tomorrow and collect it then. Alternatively, suggest they hold onto the Avon brochure and give you a ring with their order or visit your online Avon store (more on this later).

If when you call and they haven't left your brochure outside and they are not in, place a slip through their door advising when you'll call round next.

Nearing the end of your first Avon campaign

If you've finished delivering brochures around your territory but there's still time left in the campaign, this is a great time to carry on networking as per my page here. Let everyone know about your Avon business. Your friends, neighbours, colleagues, hairdresser - EVERYONE!

If you haven't managed to deliver your Avon brochures across your entire territory, that's OK. But it's a good idea to get it completed as soon as possible from the start of a campaign in the future. Place the orders that you have taken and then immediately carry on where you left off. Any orders you take after you've placed your order can go towards your next Avon campaign.

OK, so you've placed your Avon order and now you're waiting on your delivery. You can use ths time to carry on delivering your brochures to the streets you missed in your last campaign. If you finished your territory last time, you can carry on networking, telling everyone about your Avon business while you await your new brochures to arrive. I would really recommend that you order brochures two campaigns ahead. This means you'll be able to start delivering new brochures while waiting for your delivery to come.

My first Avon delivery

I found this part so exciting. Finally, I was able to see some tangible evidence of all my hard work - all the fabulous Avon products that my lovely new customers had ordered.

So, your first priority should be to get your deliveries made ASAP. Always try and keep your Avon money sperate to your own money so you don't accidently spend it (this is easily done, I promise!)

You should pay Avon the amount shown on your invoice as soon as possible. You can do this at the post Office or by calling Avon's dedicated Fast Track system to pay via BACS.

Once all of your deliveries have been made you can start handing out Avon brochures arround your territory again. Remember, you can use last campaign's brochures and try not to deliver to people who have just received an order as they should have already seen the new Avon campaign.

If any of your customers want to take advantage of Avon's brilliant returns policy, you can find out more about that here.

Now your Avon business should be up and running

It's a good idea to canvas your territory twice, ideally three times to make sure that you have as many customers registered as possible.

You should try and obtain around 50-60 customers from your local area (you can pick up more online but again, more on this later).

Make sure you keep track of where every single brochure has gone, who has delivered and any non/interested parties. This will make canvassing so much easier for you in the future.

How often should I recanvass for Avon?

It's a good idea to go around your territory every four to six months to 'pick-up' any new customers. People are always moving or changing their minds. This way you'll be able to keep on top of your Avon customer base and not allow any new custom to slip through the net.

Ordering Avon Brochures

If you have 50 local customers, order at least 50 brochures and deliver them with the 50 orders. Once you collect their new orders, you can then redeliver these brochures to other non-ordering customers, community centres, doctors receptions etc.

Keeping my Avon orders coming

It's always a good idea to be 'on the hunt' for new customers. People move away and other's circumstances change so I always try to obtain around two or three extra customers per campaign and over this is a great bonus. 

To ensure your customer numbers don't reduce, make sure you follow all the hints and tips on my How To Find New Avon Customers Page.

Keep working, keep earning with Avon

When you have all the customers you can possibly get and are still looking for a way to boost your earnings, you can think about joining Avon's Sales Leadership scheme. This way, you will be recruiting reps in all areas and you'll receive commission on their sales too!

How To Sell Avon Working Online

I have a dedicated page outlining how you can make money working as an Avon rep online. However, I'll give you the summary of how it can be great to compliment your existing Avon business or, with a little extra work, you can work as an Avon Rep exclusively online.

It's no secret that Avon offers people the opportunity to build a successful business from such a small investment. When you decide to start selling Avon online, you will see your sales figures really start to increase.

Although working the traditional method and online are equally great, I would always suggest doing both. You have nothing to lose, right?

So, in order to get yourself working for Avon online, you need a few things that will help you to market the heck out of your online business (and believe me, you WILL need to get your marketing hat on big-time - but it will all be worth it!)

Three things:

Get yourself a great looking website. You can use any site building platform such as Wix or Wordpress and if your budget is tight, you can start building your own basic websie (any site is better than no site!). If you are able to pay someone from the beginning or a little later into your Avon career then great. They will know all the tricks of the trade to get your site noticed to new customers and Reps.

Set up some social media accounts. In the same way as the traditional method, having a presence on social media is vital to get your name out there and staying in touch with your customer base and driving them to your site or your online Avon store.

Set up an online Avon store. If you visit the MyAvon site, you will be able to login into your Avon Representative account. From here, you'll be able to follow a few easy steps to set up your own online Avon store.

Let me know if I've covered everything. Remember, if you have any questions, please get in touch on any of the channels above.

Debbie x





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