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Sell Avon - Earn money from home

Gone are the days where to sell Avon and earn money from home you had to be a lady, or indeed a mum!

More and more people are choosing to sign up to Avon, selling bestselling health and beauty products around their local neighbourhood and online. And, thanks (or no thanks) to the current economic climate, more men, students and professional people are looking to run their own Avon business from home as a main source of income or extra cash on the side of their current commitments.


How Much Do You Make With Avon

Read my Paying Avon, Paying you page here. In summary, being an Avon representative is good for those who would like to work part or full-time with flexible hours to match. The way you get paid with Avon is quite simple: you take orders charging your customers full price, you order the goods at a reduced rate from Avon and you pocket the difference.

Does Avon have any upfront fees? 

No. Avon has no upfront fees and only asks for a £16 admin fee which is only taken when you have successfully processed to Avon orders.

Do you have to pay to join Avon?

Again, no. Just the admin fee above :-)

How do you sell Avon products?

Take a look at my Avon pages: How To Successfully Run My Avon Business, How To Find Avon Customers, Avon Top Tips and How to Sell Avon Online.

These pages outline the commission structures showing you exactly How Much You Can Be Paid With Avon. They'll give you a great amount of guidance showing you how you can earn with Avon, from home.

Help Running My Avon Business

A part of Team UK Representatives you'll be safe in the knowledge that you'll be a member of one of the UK's most successful Avon selling teams in history. And, the uniques way that Network Marketing, or Multi Level Marketing works, it's in everyone's interests to ensure that you are a huge success now and into the future.

Who Can Join Avon?

Avon really is for everyone. There's no reason why you shouldn't join. Working from home has been the obvious and best choice for millions of people and thanks to the flexible way that Avon works, you can even sign up to Avon and sell Avon Online!

How Old Do You Have To Be To Join Avon?

You can read more information on the Avon age restrictions on my page here. In short, Avon is open to anyone who is 18 and over!

Read about Real Life Avon success story of Jeane McCready and Richard McKail here.

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Read about Real Life Avon Success Story Janine Evans here.

Become a Representative

Become a representative - As a sales rep you earn money both on sales you personally generate and a smaller commission on sales from anyone that you recruit into the business.

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