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Tips For Avon Success

Are you looking to have a successful Avon business? Well you've come to the right place as I know all the Tips For Avon Success.

Whether you're looking to earn some extra cash every three weeks or wanting a full-time career selling Avon products and managing your own team of Avon Reps, I can help.

How to run a successful Avon Business

Firstly, the first thing you need to do is to apply to Join Avon. There are two ways you can do this, one, you can apply to join Avon direct from their site or two, you can apply to an already established Avon selling team like the multi-award-winning UK Representatives.

Either way, joining Avon is super-easy and there's never been a better time to start your Avon journey. I can guide you through the entire process to help you realise your professional and personal goals from the outset.

If you'd like to join one of the UK's most successful Avon selling teams in history and be part of our success, you can apply here and I'll be in touch straight away.

You can even join Avon online via over Skype or Facetime which means that you can get started with your Avon business and begin earning straight away.

If you'd prefer, I could call round for a cuppa and sign you up that way - whichever is easier for you.

Any questions you have, you can grab me on any of the channels above or read my FAQs here.

In the meantime, here are my hot tips to starting a successful Avon business from home:


Get in touch with me and let me know you're thinking about joining Avon. I'll talk you through all that is involved in starting your Avon business and what you can do to make sure it's a success from the word go. I'll explain who the UK Representatives Team are, how we mastered the success of Avon and what we'll do to ensure you'll have all the help and support to guide you through your first few months as an Avon rep and, most importantly, we'll make sure that you'll really enjoy it, too!

We'll give you some great tips on how to find your first Avon customers, how to place an Avon order, how to submit an Avon return and, most importantly, how to get paid from your Avon business.

I'll also show you how to set up your very own Online Avon Store like mine here.

Don't forget, when you sign up to Avon, there are lots of perks waiting for you including the opportunity to earn £300 worth of free Avon and branded designer products.


Avon is a global multi-million pound business and it's got to where it is by producing some of the world's most well-loved health and beauty products. It's safe to say that they normally sell themselves, however, it stands to reason that for you to be able to really sell well and earn big, you should, if you're not already, be using the products yourself.


When you start your Avon career it's a really good idea to get yourself a few Avon social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. They're a great way of keeping in touch with your customers and letting everyone know about any Avon special offers and upcoming news.


Ask your customers what their favourite products are and what they're thinking about ordering next. This enables you to understand what they love giving you an opportunity to upsell. It's also great material to use on your social media channels and helps you to spoil your most loyal customers with free samples when it's their birthday.


Educate yourself and take advantage of all the amazing help and support that's available to Avon Reps. You should stay in regular contact with your Avon Leader as well as visiting the MyAvon site to look at all of the training materials available.


Invest in some professional business cards. They don't have to break the bank but should come across professional and friendly with details of your contact information, website address and online Avon store information - hand them out to everyone, this way you'll be networking without even realising it!

You can pick up some great business cards from Banana Print or Vista Print.


Buy some Avon brochures and make sure your order and contact information is clearly visible on the back. Include a flyer with links to your online Avon store as well as promoting your recruitment, too. If your interested in Avon's Sales Leadership Programme, you can recruit and get paid commission on any Avon reps you take on as part of your Avon team.


Become a Representative

Become a representative - As a sales rep you earn money both on sales you personally generate and a smaller commission on sales from anyone that you recruit into the business.

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