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Top Tips For Avon Reps

Avon's famous motto: 'You're in business for yourself but not by yourself' really rings true when you're looking for some Avon Help.

There are tonnes of resources out there to ensure your Avon business runs smoothly and that you're doing all it takes to make your business a real success.

Tips for Avon Success
I always want my representatives to feel like, if they have a problem, they can always count on me to help in any way I can.
And, the same goes for Avon the company. They continuously publish and manufacture amazing ways to help Avon Reps run their businesses.

I've outlined the most frequent and perhaps the most important areas where Avon reps might need a bit of a hand below. Let me know if I've missed anything or if you need help. You can always contact me on one of the numbers above or read my FAQs page here.

Will I need to register as self employed with HMRC?

Yes, as a new business owner, you will have to register as self-employed with HMRC. You can do this by calling the self-employed tax helpline on 0845 915 4515 or visit the site here.

How much can I earn from Avon?

A with anything, the more you put into your Avon business the more you will get out. To give you an idea, the Minimum Order Value (the threshold of where you need to be before you start earning commission) is £87. Anything over this and you will earn 20% of your sales. Should you reach the Higher Order Value of £160, you will 25% over this value of sales.
When you place an order with Avon (every three weeks) you will see that every Avon product as an Avon price. The Avon price is the brochure price, so the price your customer pays. You'll also see a Cost price. This is the discounted price you pay for the product. the difference between the Avon and Cost price is how much you will earn.

How do I distribute and collect my Avon Brochures?

First things first, you don't just post your brochures out as soon as you get them. You MUST prep them first. This means that you must ensure that they are housed inside a weatherproof bag (I use the plastic freezer bags from Poundland or order them direct from Avon for 99p Item code 76935)
Now, on the front of each brochure, you'll need to place a sticker or a piece of paper outlining when you'll be back to collect the brochure. Also state that it would be really helpful if they could leave it on their doorstep for you even if theyre not placing an order this time.
If they're not wanting to receive any further brochures, ask them  to tick a box indicating as such.
If it's your first time distributing, you could leave a Hi, I'm...note to introduce yourself as the area's new Avon rep.
It's also a good idea to include an extra Avon order form - you never know who might see the brochure on your customer's coffee table.
For more information on distributing your brochures read this page.

What if I submit an order less than the MOV (£87)?

As usual, your Avon will be delivered to you for you to distribute to your customers. However, it's good to remember that if you make an order below the MOV, you won't earn any commission on this order. It's definitely worthwhile putting in an order for some products yourself to enable you to reach your MOV. You can use these items as demos or free products to your most loyal customers.
It's also worth remembering that your HT items and brochures count towards your MOV and HOV. Although you won't earn a discount on these items they can come in especially useful for the future.

Is it easy enough to return an item to Avon?

Yes, absolutely. You can find out how to return a product to Avon here.
Avon obviously would prefer it if you didn't return anything at all but they understand that it's going to happen. I quite often try and sell unused returned Avon products to other customers but understand that this is not always possible.

Why have Avon re-charged me for a product when I have returned it via courier?

Avon are super-helpful when it comes to any problem at all. You can easily email them via their Contact Us section giving them the barcode of the item you returned but were subsequently re-charged for along with the date you gave it to the courier and the product codes. They'll be able to trace the item and issue you with a credit.
Don't worry if it's passed the due date, just make sure you return them with the next courier delivery. Avon will still issue you with a credit, just make sure you have the barcode and return form information.

What is Avon Connects?

Avon Connects is Avon's very own social networking site. It's a great way to stay in touch with team members and sometimes customers, too.

You will be able to find the following really useful Beauty Connects pages:

Get your customers to network your Avon brochure

If your customers work, it's a great idea to ask them to take along their Avon brochure to show their colleagues.

Avon abbreviations and acronyms

Reps - Independent Avon Representatives 
SL(s) - Independent Avon Sales Leaders
ASM(s) - Area Sales Managers
DSM(s) - Division Sales Manager
Territory - allocated roads that you are ALLOWED to canvass
Canvass(ing) - taking Avon books and showing them to potential customers, family/friends, work colleagues, anyone and everyone!
Brochures - Avon books which need to be ordered for each campaign
Campaign - there are 18 campaigns a year, a campaign is the advertising of an Avon Brochure each month, but campaigns can be shorter over the Christmas period
Length of Campaign - usually 3 weeks but can be 2 weeks over Christmas period
MOV - Minimum Order Value - £87, this is how much you must place in orders before you earn a 20% discount
HOV - High Order Value - £160, this is how much you must place in orders before you earn a 25% discount
Courier - the guy who delivers your orders to you
Order - something you place with Avon after collecting orders from customers
Sales Leaflets - these are booklets given free by Avon with brochures ordered, when they choose to have a sale on Avon products or Avon Clearance products.
HT - Hello Tomorrow. A magazine exclusively for Reps and SLs. It provides discounted products to purchase as demos and clearance products from as little as 75p for your personal use

Online Tools and Training Avon

Online Training - "My Learning Zone" is full of personalised training modules to help support you and develop your skills at every stage in you journey as an Avon Representative.
You Online Brochure - You can run your Avon business online by emailing your brochure link out to your customers. Any orders they make will come straight through to you - they can place an order 24/7!
Online Tools and Incentives - The Avon Representative site provides printable sales tools and details of incentives and bunuses to help boost your sales.

Lots of new tips added daily so keep visiting :-)



Become a Representative

Become a representative - As a sales rep you earn money both on sales you personally generate and a smaller commission on sales from anyone that you recruit into the business.

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