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About UK Representatives


It was so exciting to see how our business had gone from not even being created to us placing our first order online and earning a 20% commission on all the sales we'd made. It was at this time that my husband David took a look over my shoulder and noticed the Avon Sales Leadership Scheme being advertised. After a little research, we soon found out that we could go on and build our own team of Avon Representatives. We had already seen first-hand that there was serious money to be made with Avon so we took the next step and began Avon Sales Leadership.

We now have a team of over 6,700 independent Avon Representatives each and the success we’ve had has been phenomenal over the years. Not only earning a fantastic income, the recognition, awards and incentives have been unbelievable.

We have been on some fabulous trips with Avon which include, Barcelona, Prague, Mallorca, Monte Carlo, Berlin, Malta, Rome, New York, Marrakech. We have won 3 cars each for the Drive Your Dream Incentive with Avon, myself Toyota Rav, Mercedes SLK and a BMW 325, David has won BMW 3 series, BMW X3 and a Audi A7 and we are now we have just won our 4th car Audi A7 and a Range Rover Sport. 


Avon are an amazing company to work with, lots of rewards and incentives for Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders. We are always looking to build our Avon team with new Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders all over the country.


Become a Representative

Become a representative - As a sales rep you earn money both on sales you personally generate and a smaller commission on sales from anyone that you recruit into the business.