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Berni Broadley

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My name is Bernadette Broadley and I am 51 years old. I have four children and a grandchild. My older three have now all grown up and 'flown the nest'. It is now just me, my hubby and Kyle (now 10) at home.

My journey with Avon started because I was trying to get hold of the Avon perfume 'Far Away' for my daughter, Becky (who was then 17). I had no idea where to get it from, so thought "well, if no one is doing Avon around here, why don't I give it a go?" When I searched the internet and started looking into it, I noticed the "Avon Sales Leadership" opportunity. It made perfect sense to me to be both an Avon representative and sales leader; I'd receive two separate incomes.

So I applied and became an Avon Lady.

To become an Avon Sales Leader, I had to really push to even get signed-up as a trainee (these days, you apply yourself to become a trainee but three years ago, either the area manager or your "up-line" had to do it for you).

I had very little training or support. My Avon Sales Leadership business took a little while initially to get going, but I learnt from my mistakes. I did everything the hard way but sometimes that's a good thing. It wasn't handed to me on a plate and I had to really fight against all the criticis being levelled at me by cynical (but well meaning) family and friends. But I believed in what I was doing and just kept pushing.

I am naturally quite a shy person, but once I set my mind to something I have a very steely determination. Perhaps, this has come from having first 'escaped' from an abusive marriage when my older three were still very young. With three children under seven, zero self esteem and no income, it was literally 'sink or swim'. I just had to get on with it and I retrained while working two jobs. 

After around 18 months, my up-line left Avon and I became a member of Debbie and Dave Carter's UK Representatives team. That was when my business really picked up pace. They have been amazingly supportive and although I accept that I have worked really hard to get my Avon business this far, I know I couldn't have done it without their support and guidance. In August 2012, at Avon's LYD conference, I was awarded UK's Top Avon Advanced Sales Leader Award. I was awarded £1,750 worth of gift vouchers - amazing! I was so proud and thrilled that my hard work was being recognised.

This year, I was ranked 5th in the prestigious "top 20 UK AVON Sales Leaders". We are all being rewarded with a trip to Marrakech: All expenses paid!! I also won the 1st prize as Top Executive Sales Leader in the UK. I was rewarded a Louis Vuitton Hand luggage x 2 and £500 worth of shopping vouchers. Very nice thank you!

I have also been awarded 1st place as: Top Executive Avon Recruiter and Highest Avon Executive Increase in Earnings. What a year!! Once again, I am so proud that my faith and hard work paid off.

So, my next goal is to become a Senior Executive Sales Leader and I know that I will achieve this as I carry on along this exciting Avon journey. I am very happy and proud to be working with Avon, but particularly proud to be able to say that I am a member of "Team Carter"!!

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