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Dennis Greaves

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Hi, my name is Dennis and I decided to join Avon in October 2010. Before I joined Avon, I worked as an engineer for over 25 years and all I can say is… I wish I had joined Avon sooner!

My first year has been pretty successful and although I have worked hard, I owe a lot of thanks to my upline Sales Leaders Debbie Davis and David Carter. Without their help and support I wouldn't have achieved as much recognition nor would I have achieved such a high status in such a short length of time.

Here are just a few highlights of my first year with Avon:

  • First quarter incentive - Highest LOA1 orders YTD volume in the Avon Advanced Sales Leader group
  • Highest Active Avon Representative Growth – First place (new)
  • Highest Downline Growth – First place (new)
  • Top Earner (new) 2011

Leaving my job to be my own boss with Avon and be in control of my own future has got to be THE best career move I have ever made.

I have enjoyed working with my partner Michelle, but more importantly, I have been able to spend more time with my family.

Why not join Avon as an Avon Sales Leader you have nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain.

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