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Jane McCready and Richard McKail

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My name is Jane McCready and I am married to Richard McKail. We are both in our fifties and we live in Strathaven in South Lanarkshire. Our Avon success story started in 2010 when our family pub business, like pubs all over the country, was struggling. I had left the business and gone back to work full time as an accountant.

We were both worried about the future and thought it prudent to look for an additional income. We also needed an opportunity to develop a business that was flexible enough to work around our existing commitments - and also offer me the opportunity to once again be my own boss. I looked at various opportunities and came to the conclusion that the Avon Sales Leadership opportunity really did tick all the boxes for us.

I decided to join Avon in May 2010. One of the most important things I realised about Avon, before joining, was just how vital it is to pick the right Sales Leader to help get you started. By joining Debbie and Dave, I joined the most successful network marketing team in the UK and that meant I not only hit the ground running, but that I developed really quickly.

I became a trainee Sales Leader in my second campaign and, with the help and advice from Debbie and Dave, steadily built a healthy network by helping others join the Avon family. One of my early recruits was my husband Richard. He says, “It was always my intention to join Avon, but I was overwhelmed by just how straightforward it was to get up and running and how quickly Jane started to bring in money”.

I am now an Executive Sales Leader and Richard is an Advanced Sales Leader. Together we formed our own website to help others get started on their own Avon journey and provide guidance and training along the way. The scottishreps team is now the fastest growing in Scotland, and has already started to make an impact south of the border.

The opportunity to start earning immediately and with almost no upfront costs made Avon very appealing to us. The online training and one-to-one backup from being part of a team cemented the deal.

The strength of the Avon brand, the fact that building an Avon business is open to anyone irrespective of age or previous experience and the ongoing assistance that makes you feel part of the Avon family made joining Avon one of the easiest decisions I've ever made.

So far with Avon I have won various prizes - including a trip to Marrakech - but the biggest reward to me is knowing that whatever you want to achieve, with Avon, you can achieve - so long as you are prepared to do the work!

Building my Avon business to the level I am at today has been a challenge  - we set our own goals, decide our own timescale but don't have to make our own mistakes because we have the support of our upline.

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Become a representative - As a sales rep you earn money both on sales you personally generate and a smaller commission on sales from anyone that you recruit into the business.