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The Journey to Avon Success

Avon ranks first in sales worldwide and for very good reasons. Thanks to their high-quality cosmetics, health, beauty, fashion and homewares, people throughout the world have been able to manage and own their very own Avon business to a glorifying degree.

Being part of a Network Marketing business structure means that your income is completely uncapped - it's one of the most powerful income structures ever devised!

And, there has never meen a more lucrative earning strategy created than the earning opportunity you receive with Avon.

With Avon, you can build and run your very own Avon UK business and be part of the world's most dynamic Direct Selling Company.

The Avon Structure


As an Avon UK rep, you will sell Avon products both door to door and online, or if you prefer, exclusively online. I say sell but, honestly, there's not a great deal of selling involved at all since everyone loves the products that Avon sells.

No wonder there's nearly 8 million UK Avon customers already and that's not taking into account that only 1 in 3 women who would actually like to see an Avon brochure actually get to see one - you could be their new Avon rep!


The Avon Sales Leadership structure comproses 12 titles split scross four levels; coordinators, leaders, executive leaders and VIP.

Sign up to be an Avon Sales Leader and the sky is literally the limit. You will recruit, train and manage your very own Avon team of independent reps. By doing so, you'll not only earn commission based on your own Avon sales, but you'll be rewarded with commission from your recruits, too. Meaning that, by networking, your Avon sales team grows and grows, earning you more and more.

Did you know that Network Marketing in this way has created more millionaires than any other industry?


The Avon coordinator level represents the starting point of your Avon Sales Leadersip journey. At this stage of your Avon journey, you will recruit, train and manage Avon representative team members only. The more Avon reps you recruit, the more your sales income will increase.

Potential earnings as an Avon Sales Coordinator: £2,500

"Since starting my journey into Avon Sales Leadership with UK-Representatives, my income has really taken a boost and my team just keeps growing and growing - it's amazing!" - Sarah, Avon Sales Coordinator



Moving up from Avon Sales Coordinator Level will see you embark on your Sales Leader journey where you can begin to recruit, train and manage a team of your own Avon Sales Coordinators, growing your network and boosting your income considerably. 

Potential Earnings as an Avon Sales Leader: £1,400

"Before Avon I had no confidence or self-motivation but now that I'm an Avon Sales Leader, I'm meeting new people every day and am buiding my confidence as I go" - David, Avon Sales Leader



As an Avon Executive Sales Leader, your team, or downline, will be a considerable size and you will have recruited a great team of Avon coordinators and leaders who are all beavering away to create great earnings for both them, their Avon Sales Leaders and YOU! At this stage of the Avon heirarchy, you will begin to really develop your business management skills.

Potential earnings as an Avon Executive Sales Leader: £100,000

"With no skills or sales and management experience, I didn't for one second think that one day I would be where I am, earning this incredible income - thanks Avon!" - Sharon, Avon Executive Sales Leader



Be part of the super-elite level of Avon Sales Leaders. As a VIP, your Avon business will be one of the most lucrative in the UK and globally.

Potential earnings as an Avon VIP: £650,000

"if you were to tell me that I'd be where I am today six years ago, I would have laughed in your face. Now, thanks to Avon Sales Leadership, I never worry about money anymore and am able to give my family the lifestyle they deserve." - Claire, VIP Avon Sales Leader.

As part of Avon and the uk representative family, you can be part of the brilliant new bonus scheme - the Fast Start Programme where you can earn a potential £16,000 in your very first year as an Avon Sales Leader.

With my help and support, your Avon business can be a real success.

You will recieve the following to help you on course for Avon success:

  • A dedicated website and support network

  • Access to the exclusive Sales Leader area on Avon Beauty Connects, where you can share ideas and learn from other Sales Leaders’ experiences

  • Online training tailored to your Advanced Leadership Level

  • Plus recognition, events and fantastic incentives to reward you as you succeed!

  • If you are a team member of UK Representatives already, you will recieve an unrivaled amount of support from myself and other team leaders.

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Become a Representative

Become a representative - As a sales rep you earn money both on sales you personally generate and a smaller commission on sales from anyone that you recruit into the business.