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Tola Olayinka

I am a mum of 2 and my boys mean the world to me.

Prior to becoming a mum, I worked full time as a Management Accountant and I loved my job! But then my world changed the moment I held my first son. How was I ever going to trust anyone to look after this precious gift? I knew I still had to earn an income as there were bills to be paid, moreover I needed money to look after this little one.

Was there a way to earn enough money to give my children a good life and still have the time and freedom to be with them? My search began; I looked at every opportunity and tried out a few. To be honest, I never considered Avon initially simply because I felt it was outdated. What a shock I got when I came across the Avon Millionaire on GMTV!

My determination to find a role model and mentor within the UK home business industry had led me to Debbie Davis and David Carter. I read tonnes of articles about them and concluded I had to join their team. If you wish to be successful, find a successful person and copy them.

Now, as part of this winning team, the support I get from my uplines is second to none.

I am definitely on track to realising my dream and in the process I am helping other people achieve theirs.

With Avon, you can truly have your cake and eat it. I am so ready to be my best with the best!

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