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How To Work Online For Avon - Sell Avon Online.

People choose to work online for Avon for a variety of different reasons and thanks to Avon's incredible online business opportunity, it's never been easier to Sell Avon Online.

Sell Avon Online

Apply Online To Join Avon

Firstly, you can sign up and Join Avon Online by applying to join the UK Representatives team here.

You can Join Avon via Skype, FaceTime or Facebook video - whichever is easier for you.*

Run Your Own Avon Business

For such a small investment (£16), you can own and run your very own onnline Avon business from home, working the hours that suit you.

How to Sell Avon

Traditionally, Selling Avon has been about face-to-face contact with Avon customers and new recruits (if you're a Sales Leader) but now this can all be done either by combining the traditional method with online sales/recruitment or, if you wish, by solely running your Avon business online.

Avon Benefits

Whichever way you choose to Run Your Avon Business, when you Join Avon Online, you can enjoy so many great benefits that come with working for Avon such as cash and shopping voucher incentives, bonuses of car and holidays, not to mention the opportunity for financial and career independence.

Click here to apply to join Avon online.

Sell Avon Online

One of the top questions I receive from my new Avon Recruits is 'How Do I Sell Avon Online?'. Well, let me talk you through how you can run a great Avon business from home exclusively online.

OK, so you want an Online Avon business, let me tell you, if you're looking for an easy make-a-million-in-a-month job, this isn't for you. If you're looking to build a steady career which will give you the opportunity of a lifetime income, ok, this could be for you.

Once you build your successful Online Avon business with lots of repeat customers and a stready stream of recruitment (if you're wanting to be Sales Leader Material) the benefits will come.

Click here to find out more about selling Avon online

During my career as an Avon Rep and Sales Leader I've been able to enjoy a whole host of great benefits that have come from working for Avon, however, never did I expect my earnings to rocket in such a fashion following the introduction of Avon setting up representative online Avon stores together with the opportunity to build this very website.

Not only have my sales from my Avon eCustomers far outreached my expectations, the size of my Avon team has well and truly blossomed, too.

The great thing about having a healthy bunch of Avon eCustomers means that the sales are coming directly to me and I haven't even had to leave the house. And, now that Avon Representatives can now Sign Up To Avon Online, I can even recruit new Avon Reps the exact same way.

If your eCustomer completes an order online, they can choose direct delivery (for a small charge) or choose to have it delivered by their Avon rep for free. This means that Avon have done most of the work for you and you will still earn the same commission as outlined here from these sales.

And, thanks to being an Online Avon Rep, you can sell Avon and recruit Avon reps from all over the UK.

If you require any further help on Selling Avon Online, you can call or drop me a line on one of the numbers/ email addresses above.

Any questions, head over to my FAQs page by clicking here.

*You'll need some current photo ID


Become a Representative

Become a representative - As a sales rep you earn money both on sales you personally generate and a smaller commission on sales from anyone that you recruit into the business.