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Join Avon in Guildford and seize the opportunity to become a representative for a globally renowned beauty brand. Avon offers a flexible business model that empowers individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle and professional growth. Whether you're looking to earn extra income or pursue a full-time career, Avon's model can adapt to your unique needs. This flexibility allows you to structure your business around your existing commitments in Guildford, creating a harmonious blend of personal fulfillment and professional success.

Join Avon in Guildford and become part of a supportive community dedicated to your journey as a representative. Avon provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your role. With a diverse range of high-quality and sought-after products, you'll have the opportunity to build a loyal customer base in the Guildford area. Avon's commitment to the success of its representatives ensures that you'll have the resources and support needed to thrive. Discover the benefits of joining Avon in Guildford today and embark on a rewarding and flexible career path with a global beauty brand.

Earn up to 30% commission


Every Avon Representative has their own online store so you can sell anywhere in the UK. Your customers have the option for Avon to deliver direct to their door

Unlimited Potential

The amount you earn depends on you; which gives you unlimited earning potential as an Avon Representative


A true MLM business to work from home, choose your own hours and build your own business

Starting as an Avon Representative has never been easier

Pick 1 of our amazing starter kits to get your business off to a great start. Take a look at the starter kits below and decide which is suitable for you.

We need Avons Reps in Guildford

Guildford, a vibrant town situated in the heart of Surrey, offers tremendous opportunities for individuals looking to join Avon as representatives. This captivating town, known for its stunning landscapes and rich heritage, provides an ideal environment to embark on your Avon journey.

The name "Guildford" has origins rooted in its history as a flourishing medieval market town. Today, Guildford is famous for its thriving arts scene, with numerous galleries and theaters showcasing the region's creative talents. As an Avon representative in Guildford, you'll have the chance to engage with the local community and introduce them to Avon's exceptional range of beauty products.

In addition to its cultural offerings, Guildford boasts an abundance of recreational activities. Explore the lush green spaces and picturesque parks, perfect for enjoying a leisurely stroll or picnic with friends and family. Discover the town's historic sites, such as Guildford Castle and Guildhall, which provide a glimpse into its storied past.

Living in Guildford offers a desirable lifestyle, with its proximity to beautiful countryside and easy access to London. The town provides a harmonious blend of modern conveniences and a strong sense of community. As an Avon representative, you'll have the opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and help them enhance their beauty routines.

By joining Avon in Guildford, you become part of a renowned brand that offers high-quality beauty products and unparalleled support. Avon empowers you to build your own business, develop valuable relationships with customers, and unlock your entrepreneurial potential. Make a positive impact on people's lives by introducing them to Avon's innovative beauty solutions.

If you are interested in becoming a local Avon representative for the Guildford area and joining our dynamic team, please get in touch. Join Avon in Guildford today and embark on a rewarding journey where you can embrace your passion for beauty, connect with the community, and thrive in the ever-evolving beauty industry. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of Guildford and make a lasting impact with Avon.

Getting Started

When you start you will choose 1 of our fabulous starter kits. 

The basic kit is only £5 (until the end of Jan). Which includes 20 brochures and 1 of our top selling lipsticks.
The ultimate kit is £15 (until the end of Jan) which comes with 20 brochures & £95 worth of top selling products. You can demo these live on social media! 

Which ever kit you choose will arrive within just 2-3 days and you pay for after 13 days - giving you plenty time to earn commission during this time which will pay your kit!

Presidents Club

As an Avon representative you can be part of the prestigious Presidents club. This means you are part of the top 10 percent of Representatives in the country and you are rewarded for this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What opportunities are available if I join Avon in Guildford?
Joining Avon in Guildford offers a chance to launch a business that combines beauty and entrepreneurship. Set up your enterprise and become a beauty consultant, helping customers access high-quality Avon products with loads of different beauty solutions. Guildford is a great location to start with its spacious Riverside complex and variety of great shops, making it a great target audience.
What financial incentives does Avon offer in Guildford?
Representatives in Guildford can earn up to 40% commission on their sales. With many different shopping options in the town centre and branch out to the surrounding area from Godalming to Effingham, the chances for you to earn are huge.
How does being an Avon representative offer flexibility?
Avon representatives enjoy true flexibility. From setting your own hours, working from home and tailoring your sales strategy, you are in control every step of the way. You also have access to digital tools that you can use to boost your business, such as the Avon ON app and ready-made social media posts.
Can I sell Avon products outside of Guildford?
Absolutely, you can sell Avon products across the whole UK. With your own online store, tailored specifically to Avon products, you can reach out to customers all over the country, and you will earn money every time someone buys through your link.
There really has never been a better time to join Avon.
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