Become an Avon Representative in the UK

As the world becomes increasingly digital, online selling has become a crucial aspect of modern entrepreneurship. Becoming an Avon representative offers a unique opportunity to sell high-quality products through a personalized online store on the official Avon shop website.

With the ability to reach a wider audience and leverage the power of digital marketing, becoming an Avon representative can be a rewarding and lucrative opportunity for anyone interested in building their own business.

To become an Avon representative and start selling online, simply visit the Avon website and sign up to become a representative. After registering, you will receive access to your own personalized online store, with a range of Avon products to sell and promote. Avon provides extensive training and support to help you succeed, with resources and tools to help you build your online presence and maximize your sales potential.

With secure payment options, fast shipping, and a user-friendly e-commerce platform, the Avon shop website is the perfect place to sell products and build your own successful business. Start your journey to become an Avon representative today and unlock the potential of online selling.

Earn up to 32% commission


Every Avon Representative has their own online store so you can sell anywhere in the UK. Your customers have the option for Avon to deliver direct to their door

Unlimited Potential

The amount you earn depends on you; which gives you unlimited earning potential as an Avon Representative


A true MLM business to work from home, choose your own hours and build your own business

Starting as an Avon Representative has never been easier

Pick 1 of our amazing starter kits to get your business off to a great start. Take a look at the starter kits below and decide which is suitable for you.


Welcome Kit


The Ultimate Kit

Avon Rewards

As a valued Avon Representative you can benefit from Avon Rewards when you become an Avon Representative.

Every Representative is rewarded for being an Avon Rep! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become an Avon representative in the UK?

To become an Avon representative, visit the Avon website and sign up. Once registered, you will receive access to your personalized online store on the official Avon shop website, where you can sell and promote a range of high-quality Avon products.

What commission can I earn as an Avon representative?

Avon representatives in the UK can earn between 15% to 32% commission based on their sales each quarter. The more you sell, the higher the commission rate you can achieve.

Can I sell Avon products exclusively online?

Yes, you can choose to sell Avon products exclusively online, leveraging platforms like social media, eBay, Amazon, and more. Avon provides extensive online training and tools to help you succeed in online selling.

Is there a requirement to build a team as an Avon rep?

No, building a team is optional. You can earn from Avon purely by selling products. If you choose, you can become a sales leader and earn additional commissions by supporting and growing a team.

How do Avon representatives get paid?

For door-to-door sales, you collect payment from customers upon product delivery. For online sales, commissions are deposited weekly into your bank account. If you're a sales leader with a team, you receive monthly commission payouts.

What's the cost to join Avon as a representative?

Starting your Avon business begins at £9. There are two starter kits to choose from, and you have 13 days to pay for your selected kit.

Can I sell Avon products on Amazon or eBay?

Yes, in the UK, there are no restrictions, and you can sell Avon products on platforms like eBay and Amazon.

What kind of support can I expect when I become an Avon representative?

When you join Avon with Carolyn & Tim, you become part of an award-winning team. They offer an exclusive community where you can receive all the support you need to achieve your goals. Whether you want personalized business plans or just someone to motivate you, they're there for you.

Why should I consider selling Avon products?

Becoming an Avon representative offers flexibility, unlimited earning potential, and the chance to be part of an established, globally recognized brand. Avon also provides comprehensive training, rewards for its representatives, and the option to work entirely online.

Are there any monthly fees or obligations when selling Avon?

No, there are no monthly fees or obligations to keep your account open. If you decide Avon isn't for you, you're free to leave anytime.

There really has never been a better time to join Avon.
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