Become an Avon Sales Leader

Build a Team & Earn Commission

MLM Opportunity

Sales leadership is an excellent multi level marketing opportunity that allows you to build your own team of Representatives.

Support & Training

You can recruit new representatives in all areas of the UK either with a face to face appointment or an online appointment. You have also got excellent ongoing training and support from the UKs Number 1 Direct Selling and Multi Level Marketing company.

Excellent Incentives

Avon offer excellent incentives on your sales leadership journey including earning from your very first Representative. 

There are Business Builder Bonus' along the way and extra bonus' for each new Representative who joins your team


Circle of Excellence trip Every Year

Car Programme that has seen many people take home a car

Local Divisional Recognition

Regional Recognition

Yearly Incentives including - Holidays, Cash Incentives, Vouchers, Gifts & More

National Recognition at National Business Meetings

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be an Avon Sales Leader?

Becoming an Avon Sales Leader provides a multi-level marketing opportunity, allowing individuals to build their own teams of Representatives, with the chance to earn commission on both personal and team sales.

How can I join Avon as a Sales Leader?

You can apply to be an Avon Sales Leader directly on the provided link. Upon acceptance, you'll have the tools to recruit new representatives across the UK, either face-to-face or through online appointments.

What support is available for Avon Sales Leaders?

As the UK's No.1 Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing company, Avon provides continuous training and support to ensure you can grow and sustain your business efficiently.

What incentives does Avon offer to its Sales Leaders?

Avon offers a plethora of incentives for its Sales Leaders. This includes Business Builder Bonuses, bonuses for each new representative joining your team, the Circle of Excellence trip, a car programme, local and regional recognitions, and various yearly incentives like holidays, cash, vouchers, and gifts.

How many Sales Leader levels are there in Avon?

Avon has 13 distinct Sales Leader levels, each with unique earnings opportunities.

How can I determine my Sales Leader title?

You can find your Avon Sales Leader title displayed in your Avon Office and on your statements.

What are the earnings associated with being an Avon Sales Leader?

Your earnings as a Sales Leader depend on factors like your title/level, group sales, and number of downlines. Under the Avon Growth Plan, Sales Leaders can earn through Coaching Commission, Team Bonus, and Development Bonus. However, there's a minimum personal sales requirement of £250 to qualify for these.

Can you explain the Avon Growth Plan?

Launched on 1 November 2020, the Avon Growth Plan is a compensation model for both Representatives and Sales Leaders. It underwent updates in August 2021 and March 2022 to better serve its members.

Why is there a personal sales threshold of £250 for Sales Leaders?

As role models in Avon, Sales Leaders are expected to lead by example. The knowledge and expertise gained from achieving personal sales can be shared with their teams, promoting growth. Hence, a criterion of £250 in personal sales has been set to qualify for various bonuses.

What happens if I don't meet the £250 personal sales target?

Sales Leaders who don't achieve the £250 personal sales in a campaign won't qualify for Coaching Commission, Team Bonus, or Development Bonus under the Avon Growth Plan for that particular campaign.

Can I lose my Sales Leader position if I don't hit the £250 target?

No, you won't lose your Sales Leader position. However, if you don't achieve the target, you won't be eligible for certain bonuses for that campaign.

Are there any specific targets for new Sales Leaders?

Yes, new Sales Leaders also have a minimum requirement of £250 in personal sales to qualify for Coaching Commission.

If a Sales Leader leaves Avon, what happens to their team?

If a Sales Leader departs Avon, their team would roll up, ensuring continuity in business.

Where can I get advice on boosting my sales?

Avon Connect offers ample training and advice, including top tips on increasing sales and nurturing your teams.

I'm currently a Representative. How can I become an Avon Sales Leader?

Transitioning from a Representative to a Sales Leader is seamless. There's no new paperwork; your existing Avon Agreement remains. To start earning as a Lead Representative, you need to achieve the set criteria, including the minimum personal sales requirement.

There really has never been a better time to join Avon.
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