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Why not become an Avon sales representative or sales leader in the Warlingham area? We have many Avon representative and sales leadership opportunities in the Warlingham area.

Warlingham is a village located in Surrey, England. The name means the home(stead) (-ham) of the followers (-(l)ing) of Waer(l)a. The letters "ae" here are the implied earlier spelling of any Anglo-Saxon scribes to denote the sound /æ/, which when Norman scribes replaced them was replaced with "a" as in today's orthography. No trace of a local Warra or Warla has been found in Norman texts (after 1066), nor of a Waera or Waera in Anglo-Saxon texts (before 1066). It is a man's name of the period which has a comparator in Warrington.

Warlingham is situated on the scarp slope of the North Downs and parts of the village are 650 feet (200 metres) above sea level. This means that on the rare occasion it does snow in southern England, Warlingham will often get a light covering while neighbouring low-lying areas remain untouched. Warlingham's height also allows for some panoramic views over central London (on the stretch of the Limpsfield road between Warlingham village and Botley Hill Farm).

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