ANEW Renewal Protinol Power Serum has landed!

5th December 2021

Anew Renewal Protinol Power Serum

A brand new launch for AVON with the backing of a HUGE celebrity?? 
Who will it be? 
This month Avon have launched a skincare product like no other! With visible results seen by 100% of women in just 7 days the brand new Anew Renewal Protinol Power Serum really is the skincare product of the year! 
This product has 7 powerful skin benefits in 7 days:
  1. fine lines look reduced
  2. firmer looking skin
  3. smoother looking skin
  4. radiant glow uncovered
  5. pores look minimised
  6. stronger feeling skin
  7. more resilient skin
Why would you not want to love this product? 
Now i mentioned before the backing of a huge celebrity ... Yes the 1 and only Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud. She has tried the product and LOVES it! She has also seen visible results and swears by the product! 
You can see the video here:
This wonder serum is powered by Protinol™ Technology, which gives skin a better-quality collagen boost, and niacinamide, which protects collagen and helps renew skin at the surface. Protinol™ formulas smooth lines and firm skin even faster than those with retinol.
It is very easy to use and if you check out the reviews on my site ( you'll see people are loving it. 
You don't need to use a lot; 1 customer saying '1 pump is enough'. Others saying their skin felt lovely, hydrated and firmer. 
Isn't this what you want from a skincare product? 
Personally i haven't tried it myself (waiting for my delivery) but as soon as i get it i'll be doing before and after pictures for you all to see! 
This really is the skincare product of the year. If you like the look then you can order here
Take Care :) 
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