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Borrowstounness is a town situated around Falkirk, Scotland. The name Borrowstoun, from the Old English for "Beornweard's farmstead", refers to a hamlet a short way inland from Borrowstounness. Borrowstounness has important historical links to the Roman period and marks the eastern extent of the Antonine Wall which stretched from Borrowstounness to Old Kilpatrick on the west coast of Scotland. The Antonine Wall was named as an extension to the Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site by UNESCO in July 2007.

The town was a recognised port from the 16th century; a harbour was authorised by an Act of Parliament in 1707. The harbour, constructed progressively during the 18th century, was extended and complemented by a dry dock in 1881. The commercial port eventually closed in 1959, badly affected by silting and the gradual downturn of the Scottish coal mining industry. Plans currently exist for the regeneration of the docks area including reopening the port as a marina.

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